Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Very exciting week!!

Were Baaack --- well it has been a very exciting week in KY. I flattened a tire trying to get Nick to school on time (for a change), Richard's football team played an Awesome game against there "sister school" JTA and won, Rick broke a window, and Kallea broke off her 2 front teeth... Dear Lord be with us --- what's next????? LOL

Richard is #8 ( the same # his best buddy Mary wears in b-ball). In the game he scored two 2 point conversions and ran back a kick off 60 yards. Being an 8th grader and one of the biggest on the team he has to play the whole game with so many positions that i can't even remember them all. offense/defence/and special teams make for a LONG game but he's lovin' it!!!

Kallea is helping Nick finish his homework --- Nick is loving his 4th grade and doing very well (so far). Nick is one of 3 kids in his class that is doing advanced math --- the other night Richard and Nick were doing the same kind of math homework which sure made Nick feel special. 4th grade is also the year we get grades that make sense (letter grades not S for satisfactory) and on Nick's progress report he had all A's and one B. Nick is gearing up for wrestling to start in October. He really likes being on the same team as his brother and this year Nick is going to blow away the 82 lbs weight class.

Last but not least --- Here's Punky!!! Kallea had a run in with a Zebra at daycare and lost. Zebra's don't taste too good if they are made of HARD plastic!!! Kallea was playing in the baby play yard at daycare, tripped and went head first into the Zebra (a stationary riding toy). She broke both off her 2 front teeth that only took her 11 months to get in. I had to take her to the baby dentist and she was such a trooper. She did better at the dentist then her momma does! He said that at this point it doesn't appear on the x-rays that she got to the nerve but only time will tell. He wants to see her in a month but right now he doesn't want to fix them or pull them because it would be worse on her to put her "under" for either procedure and even though it doesn't look real good right now - caps or a baby root canal may not take and then we are no better off than where we started. So for now I have a little fang face for a daughter (she's still a cute lil puky though). But doesn't it just figure with all the heck them monster boys have put me through over all these years that my baby girl would be the one to "Jack up her grill" --- LOL

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Whole Fam-Dam-Ly

The Hubby ... SFC Pain in the Butt!

Richard ... The BEAST

Nick ... The Computer Wiz Kid!

And Last but NOT Least

Kallea ... the Punky Princess!